Map Visuals Upgrade In Progress

Kurochan here with the latest news about the Playable Demo of CGATSB from our team's meeting last night!

I was fooling around with some tutorials for Parallax Mapping and I ended up creating the attached map. Whe I showed it to the team last night, Scobbie was all like "Nice work man! Let's do that kind of map in our games!" (Paraphrasing but pretty close to the original LOL). I agreed with him, of course. Our original map designs are too.... MV looking.... 


  • Redesigning the maps as Parallax Maps:
    • Redesinging Faymere's map in preparation for the Full Game. (The original design of Faymere was based on an RPG Maker MV YouTube Tutorial Map I made while learning MV so naturally it needs to be upgraded.) ALSO, Faymere will be a bigger town with a new layout in the 2nd Stage Release of this Demo and the Full Game.
    • Redesigning the Gunada Kingdom World Map and getting rid of the Terrax Lighting I used to "Black-out" the rest of the map while still limiting the movement area in the demo since only a few locations are found in the demo.
    • Redesigning the Mining Cave's visuals to match the Parallax Map style graphics.
    • Upgrade the sections of the forest area map I've already made and complete the rest of the forest area for the Demo's 2nd Stage Release build.

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Hey all! Kurochan here with a progress report on our map remodeling!

I was chatting with Driftwood Sensei about the Pros/Cons of using Parallax Maps for all of the maps in a game, and after chatting with the team about what he told me, we decided to drop the Parallax Mapping idea and just redesign the maps in MV instead. We want to eventually release our games for Android, so we can't use Parallax Maps too much if we want to keep the package size small enough for mobile devices. Anywho, our Maps aren't going to look like a simple RPG Maker mapping style though since we're using elevation changes and atmospheric sound and lighting to make them feel realistic and immersive. We are editing the MV Tilesets (like the water tilesets) to allow for the clouds and sky to reflect off the water via the water's Alpha Channel being a transparent blue over a sky parallax image set to scroll. We think you're really going to like what we've done to the maps! I attached an example screen clipping of the Faymere's new look, but its still a work in progress so it might look a bit different next time. (Though not much different.)

We hope you'll patiently await the release of the 2nd stage release build of this demo!

Keep an eye out for our future progress reports! 

Until next time, 

~ Kurochan @ KuroyukiDev Games