2nd Stage Build Now Enters Development Phase

Kurochan here! I'm in the process of creating the rest of the equipment skills and their custom animations. I'm also beginning the development phase of the Battle Mechanics. While I'm working on this part, Scobbie is working on writing up the Demo Quest so I can build it in MV. 

Here's the breakdown of the 2 stage release of this game's demo:


  • Crafting System
  • Mining System
  • Farming System
  • Banking System


  • All of the 1st Stage's features
  • Battle Mechanics
  • Demo Quest

We hope to hear your feedback on our 1st stage build so we can make the 2nd stage and the Full Game as fun as possible to play. Please, leave us your feedback in the comments section below. Thank you for checking out our games, and check back regularly for updates!

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Kurochan here with a progress report!

> Demo Quest Story Plot has been finalized and I'm in the middle of programming it right now.

> The Battle Mechanics are in the Design Phase still though.... can't really decide on a system that agrees with me yet.... BUT, I think I'm getting close!

We want this game to be fun to play for everyone, so we're putting plenty of effort into the story and visuals to make it enjoyable. We would really like to hear your feedback on this demo to make our games more fun for all! Leave a comment on the download page's comments section and we'll try to put everyone's feedback to good use! 

Thanks for checking out our Games and Demos! More info to come!1